“The Sarod, a melodified Presian Rabab, can produce the best of Hindustani classical music in the expert hands of Brij Narayanji. The devotion and feeling with which he coaxes raga bhava out of the strings and gives ‘Life’ to the gat, the taans and swar laya precision was a classical treatment.”

~ Times of India, Ahmedabad

“Masterly, yes, for the rendition was most skilful and the artiste in full command of his muse.”

~ Times of India, Mumbai

“Adroit incorporation of the techniques of vocal music, a strong command over rhythmic patterns and a deep understanding of Raga-Sangeet are the chief features of Pt. Brij Narayan’s Sarod recitals. Distilling the essence of pathos the raga is beautifully expounded, the entire alap is intensely melodious. Multani shines through the prism of Brij Narayan’s allap. The Sarod sings in his hands are he moves to Raag Kirwani. The listener mesmerized in its web of Swaras, definitely on affair to remember, this one.”

~ Indian Express

“A divine journey – One of the finest exponents of the Sarod Pt. Brij Narayan takes us on a journey that truly experiences the inner soul.”

~ Times of Chandigarh

“Pt. Brij Narayan has a unique technique of blending the sarod & sarangi styles in scintillating compositions.”

~ Amrita Bazar Patrika, Calcutta